14.42 Carats of Sheer Sophistication by Harry Winston

When shopping for a larger diamond ring, some search the local boutiques and make those calls to acquaintances hoping to net a diamond both worthy of their attention and their wallet. It's not that we don't fully commiserate, we are shoppers, too.  Diamonds in the H-I color and SI1 range have long been known to be the value shoppers choice, but the defining factor for a luxury purchase is at least partly the promise of exclusivity and prestige.  Can an I-SI1 hit that high note?

The answer in this case is oh, yes, yes, yes!

A perfectly cut emerald, just long enough to call attention but not at the cost of losing an emerald cut's appeal. The brilliance truly captivates and earn this a top spot in the half-million range.

As stated in the description, the clarity is on a high scale in the SI1 range with the color only slightly showing a slightly warm and crisp hue.

The stetting is custom handmade platinum with two tapered baguettes, boosting the diamonds presence and making someone's lucky finger partners for life.

And above all else - this is from the famous maker, Harry Winston.

Join the the likes of Mariah Carey, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, Melania Trump, Grace Kelly, and other rich and royale who have put the sophisticated and clean lines of the emerald cut diamond above all others.

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